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Ad Service

* traditional advertising: in the front page and each column, in the form of pictures and logo push business or product information, click to enter the corresponding business or product page. We have a wealth of content to drive advertising, improve the exposure rate of advertising and click rate, to achieve a wide range of direct communication effects.

* media type advertising: in the "video" and "product image" column, the video and pictures of three-dimensional advertising, enhance the attention of advertising, in the process of viewing the process of continuously deepen the impression, enhance the dissemination of results.

* tool type advertisement: in the details of the "supplier", and "service providers" plate, directly put on the businesses of specific information, including address, telephone, fax, etc., by reducing the intermediate links, the advertising effect to maximize.


More advertising, please contact us directly:400-728-8816

Julang acrylic
Julang acrylic