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Vehicle wrap speeds up U.K. Eco-marathon


Drytac’s SpotOn SynPaper was used by participants in this year’s Shell Eco-marathon Europe to apply colourful vehicle graphics on racing cars, allowing for fast and easy on-site application.

More than 140 teams of engineers from across Europe gathered in London for the event, which attempted record-breaking levels of energy efficiency in one-seater cars. Graphics were printed on Drytac’s SpotOn SynPaper using an HP PageWide XL large-format printer. The product, which was created specifically for this HP system, was then able to be applied to cars made from a variety of materials, including polystyrene and silk fibres.

The self-adhesive matte white material employs a pressure-sensitive polyacrylate adhesive and is designed to produce a bubble-fresh finish, which allowed participants to easily install their graphics themselves. Additionally, the polypropylene film is recyclable, says Drytac, supporting the event’s environmentally responsible goals.

“We love to see unusual applications for our products, and these graphics worked brilliantly on the track,” said Shaun Holdom, Drytac’s global product manager. “The event was all about the energy-efficient cars of the future, making it a great setting for our advanced graphics media.”

In addition to vehicle graphics, SpotOn SynPaper can also be used for short-term wall and window applications, as the composite’s smart dot pattern lends itself to clean and easy removal.

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