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Epson Opens Textile Solutions Center in Japan


Global electronics manufacturer Seiko Epson Corp. opens a new textile solutions center dubbed “TSC Asia.” The facility is located at the company’s Fujimi Plant in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

Like Epson’s Textile Solution Center in Como, Italy, the company says the new location “supports digital textile printing by conducting research and development and by using actual textile printers,” to generate samples for customers throughout Asia.

“I am pleased that we can now fully support the introduction and use of digital textile printing by an even larger audience thanks to the establishment of TSC Asia,” says Koichi Kubota, representative director, senior managing executive officer and chief operating officer of Seiko Epson’s Printing Solutions Operations Division. “We will contribute to the development of digitization in the textile field with Epson’s inkjet technology and will make Epson indispensable for the textile world.”

The company is currently growing its production and sales organizations in an effort to provide goods worldwide from its Como hub and the new Nagano location. Epson says it will expand its prototyping and volume production operations for large industrial printers, such as the Monna Lisa series, with the completion of a new facility in Hirooka, Innovation Center Building B, at the end of March 2020. The company states it will also begin selling these products through its global sales network.

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