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Six new tools for CNC routing.


SA International (SAi, Salt Lake City) has announced EnRoute 6.1, an upgrade for subscribers to the company’s EnRoute CAD/CAM software. EnRoute 6.1 will be launched at AWFS Fair 2019 .

EnRoute 6.1’s new features include the following:

  • The Backplot tool, which simultaneously generates four preview angles and contains detailed cut statistics. It now also incorporates color code for the text in the file, making it easier to identify what is included on the output file.

  • The Group Order function, which allows subscribers to not only select the order in which they want the objects to be cut, but saves this to a group which can be copied. This allows users to significantly reduce their design time and maximize throughput.

  • Job Statistics, which deliver improved information of cutting time. By providing realistic production times and job estimates, users can optimize throughput.

  • The Order by Line option. By drawing a simple line on screen, users can quickly select the order of the parts to be cut, providing them with improved cutting control.


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