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Outfront Media, BIXI offer advertising faces


Outfront Media Inc., has partnered with bicycle-taxi (BIXI) to offer advertisers 600 street-level advertising faces in urban neighbourhoods throughout Montreal.

The BIXI inventory fits with Outfront’s existing assets to offer a complete out-of-home (OOH) solution consisting of 1250 static and 27 digital faces providing coverage of the market and access to an active, socially responsible, and environmentally conscious audience.

“Acquiring the faces is a game-changer for our company in Montreal as it puts us ‘all over the map’ and offers our clients a viable, one-stop option,” said Outfront eastern Canada’s vice-president, Paul Desjardins.

BIXI has entrusted Outfront to manage sales, installation, and maintenance of its stations for the next five years. This is Outfront Canada’s first bike share partnership building on existing expertise south of the border where its U.S. team has been managing bike-sharing stations for several years in Los Angeles, Washington, Boston, and Philadelphia.

BIXI’s objective is to make its environmentally friendly mode of transportation accessible to Montreal’s 19 boroughs by 2028, with Outfront eager to be part of future development and strategic growth of the BIXI network.

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