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Anytime Fitness Chooses LG


Lincolnshire, Illinois-based LG Business Solutions USA has been selected by global fitness club franchise Anytime Fitness as the preferred commercial display vendor for its more than 2,800 franchise locations throughout the U.S.

According to the company, LG displays will enhance engagement in Anytime Fitness’s new “functional training area” that offers interactive training programs for a range of fitness activities.

Under the agreement, Anytime Fitness will offer LG commercial displays to its franchisees to be used in conjunction with heart rate monitoring during the training programs, according to senior vendor relations manager Kathy Dusek.

According to the fitness company, as franchisees launch new locations, LG’s display solutions will be the preferred option for standard technology. Existing franchisees will also be encouraged to upgrade to LG displays for renovations outside of the functional training area, in spaces such as cardio and free-weight sections that may require display replacements.

“As the fitness industry increasingly embraces digital solutions to aid fitness goals, enhance member engagement, and boost fitness centers’ capabilities, LG is delivering class-leading technologies custom-suited to active customer environments,” says Jake Benner, fitness sales director for LG Business Solutions USA. “We’re proud to work with Anytime Fitness to help them capitalize on the latest trends in virtual, personalized fitness regimens and enable all franchisees access to the latest display technologies, ensuring a consistently excellent customer experience across all locations.”

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