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Best Original Design and Fabrication, Illuminated,


Best Original Design and Fabrication, Illuminated, Medium Shop of 2019 

Widmer Sign (Scranton, PA) floats to first place with this sign for Glider Diner.

First Place

Widmer Sign Co


Client: Glider Diner

Selling Price: $18,509

Designer: Teresa Carichner

Fabricators: Jeff Corcoran, Marc Sears

Installers: Richard Matos, Robert Krzan, DJ Stawinsky, Mike Nally

Fabrication Equipment/Tools: Welder, chop saw, hand tools, drills, sheer, grinder

Installation Equipment/Tools: Crane, bucket truck, ladder, drills

Materials/Components: LED channel letters, channel glider shape, LED borders for building front and cladding (leading up to Glider), G2G WOW White 7500 LED modules, 3/16-in. white plexiglas, 3M red translucent vinyl, SloanLED border

Software: SAi FlexiSIGN

This sign features internally illuminated channel letters and a glider shape with formed cladding to hold the LED border strips for the front of the building. The raceway features lighting components and channel letters.

Second Place

Widmer took second place as well with this sign for Boden.

Widmer Sign Co.

Scranton, PA;

Client: Boden

Selling Price: $22,500

Designer: Jenny Collins

Fabricators: Jeff Corcoran, Marc Sears

Installers: Richard Matos, Robert Krzan, Jeff Corcoran, DJ Stawinsky

Fabrication Equipment/Tools: ShopBot CNC Router, plasma cutter, brake, hand tools, Roland VP-540 printer-cutter

Installation Equipment/Tools: Skyhoist crane, Altec bucket truck

Materials/Components: Aluminum panels, tubing and angle; Alupanel, LED channel letters, LED lighting

Software: SAi FlexiSIGN, ArtCAM

We were fortunate to have installed the first Boden signs years ago and given the opportunity to provide a new sign to reflect their new logo. All previous penetrations needed to be covered from the old sign. Because of the size of the building, the sign needed to be significant. The B in Boden is installed 10 ft. high with the halo-lit 14-ft. dot to clearly mark the location. The signs are visible from nearby major highways, landmarking the business.

Third Place

ACU Signs came in third with this sign for Windhaven Insurance.

ACU Signs

Hialeah, FL;  

Client: Windhaven Insurance

Designer: ACU Signs

Fabricator: ACU Signs

Installer: ACU Signs

Fabrication Equipment/Tools: CNC router, welding equipment, aluminum shear

Installation Equipment/Tools: 80-ft. Crane

Materials/Components: Aluminum, LEDs, Lexan and a steel pole

Our customer of many years and several projects asked for some ideas for a pylon sign. We decided to go for the ultimate branding move and made the sign exactly in the shape of their logo, kind of emblematic of the Golden Arches. They loved the idea and we built a 25-ft.-tall wind sail, which is the company's logo. It is illuminated through a strip on the side and also has three illuminated cabinets on each side, along with a circular logo at the top of the structure.

Julang acrylic
Julang acrylic